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What is indoor location intelligence? >

Indoor location intelligence is the data captured through sensors and smart devices (like your smartphone, watch, or other internet-connected device), that captures the movement of people and things within a space. By measuring the presence of WiFi signals from devices, we can look at how populations of people move through a building. Where they go, how long they are there, and how often they come back. This information can be used to drive incredible experiences such helping employees find a meeting room when they need it, managing building utilities for more efficiency, or providing useful information to people in a retail store, or at a sports stadium like where the shortest lineup is!

What is a Smart Building? >

Generally, a Smart Building is a building that uses sensors and internet-connected devices to automate processes and provide actions and feedback to the people and machinery within it. A Smart Building uses “the internet of things” or IoT technologies to help buildings be more efficient, energy conservative, safer, and more productive.

For example, a Smart Building may automatically turn on/off lights or adjust the heating/cooling or predict maintenance needs to improve efficiency and decrease costs.

What is a Smart Office? >

At InnerSpace we think of a Smart Office as a function within a Smart Building that uses the same types of technologies to improve the workplace environment as well as the overall company operations. The difference between it, and a Smart Building is that its applications are designed to improve operations, inform strategies, and enhance the employee experience.

A Smart Office uses a variety of sensors and data sources to understand and measure how people and objects behave in the office. This data is then used to improve productivity, help employees make decisions about their workday, and inform business leaders developing strategies using mobile apps, dashboards, analytics and just-in-time alerts.

How to improve sales with indoor location >

In a retail environment, understanding the flow of traffic through a space, how often customers return to an area, and how long people wait in line, paints the picture of their journey and how effectively a company can sell. For example, one of or clients discovered that if their wait times approached 6 minutes, their bounce rate dramatically increased resulting in lost sales and a poor customer experience. Measuring these behaviors empowers retailers to create new strategies to improve the customer experience that directly impact sales performance.

How to improve employee experiences >

When you think of your employee experience, you might think about the perks - great health benefits, on-site yoga, drycleaning pick-up, dog-friendly, or free snacks. What you might not think about is how your building influences your productivity and enjoyment of your work.

A Smart Office can improve the employee experience by delivering insights and just-in-time information to help create a frictionless work day. From easily finding a meeting room when needed, to avoiding lineups at the coffee shop, to finding a colleague, the InnerSpace app delivers information about their office right to their phone.

What sensors do I need for a Smart Office? >

InnerSpace uses three different sensor types depending on the needs of our Smart Office clients. One for mapping and positioning, another for just positioning, and one that provides detailed people counts. The latter is used for line-ups or small rooms.

What is InnerSpace? >

InnerSpace is the fastest way to transform your business with location intelligence. InnerSpace provides the missing link needed to revolutionize business operations and improve the bottom line. The only indoor location platform on the market that can be installed in a single day, InnerSpace delivers accurate on-the-ground metrics about how people and things move within an indoor space and real time experiences that drive behavioural change to improve efficiency and drive outcomes. Innerspace - There's opportunity in every square foot.

How long does it take to install InnerSpace? >

Sensor Install Timeline: shipping (3 weeks post ordering), implementation (Collect site map, zoning data and review requirements, installation (can occur anytime after the parcel arrives), software deliverables (2 weeks posts installation. We will set up a meeting to review the deliverables with you).

How much does a Smart Office cost? >

InnerSpace Smart Office solutions start as low as $2995 USD/year. Talk to our sales team ( to find out how you can transform your office today!

Is my personal data private? >

Yes, your personal data is private. InnerSpace is committed to supporting the right to privacy and protecting our customer data in accordance with today's security standards. The InnerSpace platform follows the standards set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), considered to be the most advanced and citizen-centric policy in managing personal data.