Job Opening: Director, Program Management

The Director of Program Management plays a critical role in the successful delivery of our client implementations and solutions. This comprehensive role drives our product pipeline forward and manages the technical underpinnings required for successful implementation with our Fortune 500 clients.

As part of the Professional Services & Client Delivery team, this role will ensure:

  • Deliverables map to corporate objectives and milestones to support prioritization of work.

  • Client-facing software deliverables are met, delivered, and continue to evolve.

  • Client-facing professional services including customization of software and custom reporting is completed on-time and to standard.

  • The technical requirements needed to deliver client-facing solutions progress and that interdependencies are identified and managed (ex. Location calculation, API, etc.)

  • Clients are informed, and that the appropriate meetings and milestones are coordinate with key client and InnerSpace stakeholders - streamlining the overall process and communication needed for successful installation, software delivery, and ongoing client requirements.

  • Reporting and communications requirements related to role for all levels of the organization are managed, including but not limited to regular executive and management updates.

  • Best practices and tools are identified and implemented to develop and implement processes to successfully deliver on requirements of role.

  • Team members and peers are coached and provided with mentorship as appropriate.

About the InnerSpace Professional Services & Client Delivery Team

This team is responsible for the successful implementation, onboarding and ongoing management of customer deployments at InnerSpace. This includes the development and management of client-facing solutions such as our analytics, insights, employee experience, and productivity solutions for Smart Cafe and Smart Office. Driving added value for our clients, this team is responsible for applying InnerSpace’s unique indoor location data and insights to the development of strategic reporting, customization and data integrations. Driving the adoption of InnerSpace indoor location data, we are responsible for the successful installation of our sensors and configuration of our software solutions which requires the ongoing evolution and support of our operational processes and client service.

To be successful, this team intersects with Sales, R&D, Marketing and Operations to create a seamless client journey. It is responsible for ensuring client deliverables are met, on-time and working with each department to ensure opportunities and obstacles are identified early and managed to minimize impact to clients and the overall organization.

Cerys Goodall