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InnerSpace is changing how people experience the indoors.

We started InnerSpace with a goal to create the world’s biggest database of digital indoor data. We didn’t understand why indoor location data wasn’t readily accessible to businesses to create better services and solutions for employees and consumers - radically changing how we experience the indoors much the way GPS has changed how we experience the outdoors.

We created the world’s first sensor that integrates mapping, location and positioning. We call him “Johnny” and this sensor sends data to our platform where we use artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We then created a platform that offers analytics, predictive insights, productivity solutions, and customer experience apps. Our clients include some of the world’s leading technology, airline, sporting and entertainment, coworking, and food and beverage companies.





InnerSpace is incorporated. Founders James, Matt and Jason assess the opportunity for indoor location and the feasibility to deliver a new solution to the market.


Concept studies are conducted with Steelcase and Walmart. The company raises initial capital with friends and family. Initial patents are filed.


InnerSpace moves into the IBM Innovation Incubator, joins 500 Startups, and hires its founding team. The first sensors are manufactured and the company wins the Mobile World Congress Smart Buildings Competition.


The company begins work with one of the world’s largest food and services companies and their Fortune 500 clients. It joins the Creative Destruction Lab, conducts a pilot with Xerox, and is named One to Watch by TechCrunch.


InnerSpace moves to its own office and grows to 15 team members. Executive team and roles are established. The company expands its footprint in the US and launches its first client in Australia. The company launches its Analytics & Insights, Utilization, and Workflow Initiation solutions.


InnerSpace marks the closing of its $3.2M USD seed round. The company gains traction with companies like Sidewalk Labs, Klick Health, AirBnB, IBM, 3den, and others to improve employee experience, productivity and real estate utilization.


James Wu,
CEO & Founder

James Wu has dedicated the last 20 years to building award-winning products for notable technology startups including Platform Computing, Rypple and Kobo. Playing a pivotal role at each company, James built and led product development while honing his understanding of what it takes to develop a team, product and company from early days to global success.

At Kobo, the primary competitor to Amazon Kindle, James was the conceptual visionary for the company’s unique and award winning tablet user experience and primary inventor on more than 30 patents related to user experience design. He was responsible for setting the strategic direction for Kobo's complete portfolio of products, including websites, mobile apps and award winning eReading devices. Managing large teams of exceptionally talented experience designers, interaction architects, industrial and mechanical designers, researchers and prototypers, James stewarded their abilities to deliver the world-class Kobo eReading experience across all platforms and with a localized experience in 22 countries.

Prior to beginning his professional career, James earned a Ph.D in Computer Science at Queen’s University.


Jason Gamblen,
CRO & Founder

Jason is the Chief Revenue Officer at InnerSpace where he oversees business development, sales and marketing programs. Prior to founding InnerSpace with James Wu and Matt MacGillivray, Jason led product and marketing teams for companies including Walmart, TELUS, Wave and Kobo. At Kobo, Jason was responsible for the adoption of the company’s first reading-focused tablet, a strategic move that helped Kobo establish a competitive portfolio of devices against Amazon Kindle.

After Kobo, Jason joined Walmart where he leveraged an algorithm developed by the Search and Discovery team to generate a substantial lift in search conversion and search revenue for Walmart.com.  He then joined accounting start-up Wave where he worked closely with the CEO to help the company develop internal processes to better align around critical KPIS.


Matt MacGillivray,
VP R&D & Founder

Matt is an accomplished technical leader with 20 years experience ranging from ecommerce to bioacoustics. He leads the R&D team at InnerSpace including all hardware and software development.

Matt’s experience includes developing product within a range business models - from digital consulting to global product companies - and building waterfall and agile methodologies to support exponential growth.  Most recently at Kobo, he restructured a large development team to enable 10x growth in revenue. His systems-based approach enabled the DevLab team to reduced the software release cycle from 4 days to 4 hours, all while increasing the overall system quality.

As a product developer, Matt is insightful, creative and driven to solve problems. In practice, Matt leads research and development teams to find and solve problems, including the application of collaborative filtering to geospatial data, and delivery of a real-time acoustic analysis system at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


Cerys Goodall,

Cerys is an accomplished marketing communications professional who started her career working with Neptec - a Canadian company that enabled NASA to return to space.  Cerys became skilled at navigating the relationships between the technology-provider, NASA, the CSA and the astronauts themselves to best-position Canada’s role in the historic event. This work, led Cerys to build a career working with technology startups seeking international growth including CAE’s Presagis, BTI Systems, NGRAIN, Freshbooks, Kobo and LEAGUE.

At global eReading giant Kobo, Cerys built an international team with localized integrated marketing communications programs across public relations, community relations, partner relations, and digital media. Under her guidance and strategic positioning of the company, Kobo catapulted from Canadian-darling, to global success in her first year. When Mike Serbinis exited Kobo to build his next startup, LEAGUE, Cerys joined the team as VP of Marketing to launch the company. Building its brand, consumer base, digital marketing experience, and Serbinis’ own Think Bigger narrative, LEAGUE’s brand was ideally positioned for a successful $25M USD Series A in less than two years.

At InnerSpace, Cerys is responsible for developing the company’s brand and product position, as well as leading the product delivery, professional services, and client services teams. Her love of storytelling, combined with the team’s data-driven analysis of their businesses, results in highly engaged clients focused on transforming their business.






We are a fun-loving crew of nerdy experts with affable ambition. We also love cats. We don’t believe in the start-up rhetoric of failing fast, working to obliteration, or spending our time/resources unwisely. Instead, InnerSpace is committed to growing a collaborative, creative and hard-working company where ideas are valued, where everyone is heard, and where we can do our best work.


We know there are a lot of dog-friendly offices in Toronto, and we’re not saying that’s not great. But how can anyone resist this fluffy goodness?


If you’re interested in working at InnerSpace please email us at careers@innerspace.io. Tell us how you would use indoor data to change the world.